Green tea We're spilling the tea on the TOP 10 reasons why green tea should become your new best friend.

Ingredients Green tea leaves (loose leaf or tea bags), Hot water, Teapot or mug, Strainer (optional, for loose tea), Sweetener (honey, sugar, etc.), lemon

Step 1: Warm Up Your Vessel Fill your teapot or mug with hot water (not boiling!) and let it sit for a minute. Discard the water afterwards.

Step 2: Measure Your Tea The amount of tea leaves depends on your preference. A good starting point is 1 teaspoon of loose leaf tea per 8 ounces of water, or 1 tea bag per cup.

Step 3: Water Temperature Matters Aim for water between 176-185°F (80-85°C). Boiling water can lead to bitterness. Heat your water until it begins to simmer and then remove it from the heat source.

Step 4: Steeping Secrets Pour the hot water over your tea leaves. Cover your teapot or mug to trap the heat and allow the tea to steep.

Step 5: Perfect Potation Once steeped, remove the tea leaves (if loose leaf) or take out the tea bag. You can use a strainer to catch any stray leaves.

Step 6: Sip, Savor, and Customize Now comes the best part - enjoying your tea! Take a sip and savor the delicate flavor. If you prefer a sweeter tea, add honey, sugar, or another natural sweetener to taste

Step 7: Relax and Rejuvenate Let green tea soothe your mind and body.

Bonus Tip: Feeling adventurous? Explore the world of green tea flavors by adding a squeeze of lemon, a sprig of mint, or even a slice of ginger!