How to clean Berkel slicer properly, step by step guide

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Necessary things to clean Berkel meat slicer

Before starting the cleaning process of Berkel meat slicer, it is very important to gather all the necessary things for cleaning purpose.

  1. Disposable gloves
  2. Mild detergent
  3. Warm water
  4. Sanitizer Solution
  5. Clean Kitchen towel
  6. Screwdriver for Disassembling
  7. Lubricant

All these are necessary things to clean a Berkel meat slicer. There is another important thing for your safety is unplugged the machine to avoid any accident. Before disassembling the Berkel meat slicer put your hand gloves, it saves your hand from any cut from sharp blades. Gloves also save our hands from cleaning detergents or chemicals.

Disassembling is necessary to properly clean the Berkel meat slicer. You can also use manual card for your easiness given by the company. The manual card will help you in assembling and disassembling the Berkel meat slicer.

Disassembling Berkel meat slicer

To clean any tool or machine, it is necessary to disassemble them. Separate their parts carefully with the help of screwdriver, and then clean them one by one. Berkel meat slicer contain multiple parts that work together to properly slice the meat. Every part of the berkel meat slicer has its own job.

Slicer blade, which is responsible for slicing the meat. For efficient working, keep the slicer blade sharpen. Knife drive unit is also a part of Berkel meat slicer, which helps to power the slice blade. Meat table knob is also a part of Berkel meat slicer, but the minor one.

Meat pusher handle is also a part of Berkel meat slicer, which helps in pushing the meat for slicing. In addition to these parts there are also many parts like sharpening stones, switch covers, motors leads, capacitor, control board assemblies etc.

Cleaning the Berkel meat slicer blade

Remove the slicing parts like product table, slice deflector and center plate with the help of screwdriver and then place them on a table for cleaning.  Wash all these parts with the help of warm water and mild detergent. First wash them with warm water to make them wet. Then apply mild detergent with the help of scrub pad like scotch brite etc. After carefully applying detergent to all parts and make sure that the smell goes away, wash them with warm water again. After washing make sure that all the detergent is washed out.

Then with the help of any sanitizer solution, sanitize all the parts. After few minutes, air dry them. Before assembling them again, clean them with towel. If you are no need of meat slicer then apply some lubricant on the parts of Berkel meat slicer and place it in your store for future use. The lubricant help in preventing the machine from rust.

Cleaning other components of meat slicer

Clean the sharpening stones. The sharpening stones helps in sharpening the blades. Removes the stones after loosen their nuts. In a warm water, add some mild dish wash soap and after mixing it put the sharpening stones for an hour. Then with the help of a brush or scrub pad, clean the stones. Dry it with clean kitchen towel and place it aside.

Apply some lubricant on slicer shafts. Product table and center plate is also removed after loosening the nuts. Clean them with the same detergent and wash them with warm water. After sanitizing, clean them with dry cloth. The other parts are simply cleaned by using a clean kitchen cloth with hot water.

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